Cycling Tours

New this spring are cycling tours of Madison and Morgan County. Same great tour but on a bike. I mean really, how fun is that? Madison now has bike rentals for in-town touring. I will set up your rentals for you when you book a tour. If it is the beautiful countryside you are wanting to see you will need to bring your own bike because the bike rentals are single speed.

I am an avid cyclist clocking in many thousands of miles in multiple countries. I also was a state champion road racer, three time national’s qualifier (never made the trek to nationals) and trained at the Olympic Training Center. I was a category 2 racer for all you bike racing enthusiasts that are curious about ranking. That was as high as you could go back in the day without being a national champion. I’m not that fast anymore and don’t even try to hang with the big dogs but I can still crank out a 50 mile ride in due time. Leisurely is more my pleasure these days though.

I also worked in a bike shop through College, the famous Dixon’s Bicycles of Athens GA so I can change a tube or adjust a thing or two.

Morgan County is one of the most beautiful places I have ever pedaled and there are lots of great routes from 10-50 miles. So don’t delay and lets do some cycling today!